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Rosemary was born from the desire to promote excellence and great value of Lazio products. This is why suppliers for the restaurant are chosen with great care and support a sustainable production chain. From breakfast to dinner, the customers can find tasty, balanced and genuine meals.

Rosemary also contributes to the protection of the environment by partnering with Legambiente (“League for the Environment”, the most widespread Italian environmental organization), Minimo Impatto (a portal and shop providing sustainable products such as eco kitchenware, ecodiapers and ecocosmetics), Barikama (a project run by young African and Italian with Asperger syndrome, producing yogurt and vegetables while managing the bar at the parco Nemorense) and Elebike (a company that offers electric bikes rental & tours).

Enjoy a meal with family and friends in a neat vibrant environment; great for couples, as well!

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